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everyday before 8 am

Fresh Milk

Fresh curd

Dosa batter




Idly batter


Daily Ninja

Manage your daily needs all in one place.No hassle. No worries.

No more rushing for curd early morning
No more carrying change for bread everytime
No more craving for eggs on a Sunday morning
No more spoiled milk in your refrigerator when you are out of town on a weekend

set the requirement seperately or in routine for the month with the easy access calendar. Changes can easily made with a touch and changes will be reflected in your delivery list. All you have to do is click. we will handle the rest.


Manage with advanced calender mapping

Know when you have and when you dont

Look into your daily expenses which usually goes haywire and is confusing. Make your unorganised daily handlings organized and easy. Buying is easy. Changing your subscription is easier.


No more phone calls no more confusion

Add or delete subscriptions with just a click

Now you can decide a quick getaway without worrying about last minute phone calls to cancel your milk eggs and newspapers. make a simle note and get going. no worries about spoilt milk or eggs nor about the money.


Get services at your door steps

With the best data managing technology and wide range of sellers

Live bill tracking

Track your outstanding and paid bill history

Simplified Subscriptions

Managing your daily needs made easy

Futuristic tech

Interactive Calendar, Easy Navigation offer soothing user experience

On time delivery

Wake up to find your fresh supplies waiting at your doorstep

Hassle Free Payment

Pay on a fortnightly basis

Communicate needs easily

11th hour addition/removal for that packet of milk.

DailyNinja in the news...

Amazing Idea and Wonderful UI

Shashank Jain

Everything at your fingertips now. All my worries from arranging for grocery to getting up early and queuing for milk parcels are now things of past, this app makes me experience next level of luxury and comfort. Great concept Developers
Brilliant app! Pretty useful

Nikunj Jethava

Used it a few times... Great service. Really like the calendar feature. Looks damn cool.
Awesome app

Amod Shankar

Brilliant UI, Comfortable options. Nice work on the tech side guys ! Would definitely try it out asap. Next review after using it :)

Currently Delivering in Bangalore

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